THRC October 2015 Message from President

To all THRC members and potential new members, hope you have had a wonderful summer. It is fall again; Hunting Seasons are beginning to open and the Hunt Test program kicks off.

Many off our members are gearing up for the Master National, some just got back from the Grand and others are planning hunting trips -the great diversity of our club.

The new board is working to gather to continue our legacy of being one off the Nations premier Retriever clubs. Our new Secretary Stefan Grow is also new member. We are looking forward to working with Stefan and his American Water Spaniel. The diversity continues.

Earlier in the year the board voted to proceed with our annual Fall Hunt Test even if it will be held only 2 weeks after the Master National. Many of our key leaders and workers will be tied up for hopefully for the full 10 days.

Like always we are in need of membership support to put forth what has always been a successful Hunt Test. This year we will have a Junior and Senior both Saturday and Sunday. This give those of us with young or less experienced dogs a great opportunity to run and earn titles. So get the word out that we are going to have a great event. We all have great judges lined up for all flights. Information is on our web site www.tallahassehuntingretrieverclub.com, Facebook @ Tallahassee Hunting Retriever Club and Entry Express- November 14-15.

Entry Express is the event scheduler. Information regarding opening time and entry information can be found on www.entryexpress.net


We need volunteers especially equipment Marshalls for Junior and Senior.


Event Secretary Event Chairman
Jennifer Harms
4928 Annette Drive
Tallahassee FL 32303
[email protected]
Ed Wojciechowski
1590 Tyson Road
Monticello FL 32344
[email protected]
Committee Members
First Name Last Name Title
Ed Wojciechowski Event Chair
Joe Carter Gunner
Perry Odom Chief Marshall
David Cruz Committee Member
Eric Peacock Committee Member

Contact any off the above to volunteer. They and all Board member contact information can be found on our web site.

Week End Training for members resumes October 17 following our club rules which are members only and at the Training pond Saturday and Sunday only. We are very fortunate to have the Training Pond available. If someone is there when you arrive go up and introduce yourself and join the group. Have fun and enjoy the setting!

More on the November hunt test.

Joe Carter ordered the birds and we will begin all flights with all fresh birds. Joe is also recruiting Gunners. John Higgins is again recruiting our bird boy. Glenda Manucy is recruiting Line Marshalls. And I and the committee are recruiting equipment Marshalls.

When the board approved running a double Senior and Junior we did so hoping to get more help and volunteers.  Here is your chance to get involved and enjoy the great fall in South Georgia. AND you will spend time with some really great people and see some terrific dogs doing what they love. Hope to see you there.

When you get this I will be at the Master National pre-training, however you can contact me via text/ cell  920-858-8140, email [email protected].  Good luck to all those participating at the Master National. Whether you are participating in the Master National, out hunting, or just enjoying the fall weather, may you and your dogs be safe!


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