THRC Club Members Training Guidelines

Please complete a THRC membership form and sign the waiver each year when you pay your dues. You will then receive a membership tag to hang from your car mirror. This will help the staff at Springhill/Borderline to identify club members.

The Training Pond and the land around it is available to club members for training on weekends throughout the year (closed for events such as hunt test and seminars).

In addition, the Training Pond will be open to club members from June 1 – October 31. There is enough room at the training pond for a couple of groups to share the ponds.

All other ponds and fields, roads and trails are off limits. If you are found anywhere other than in the training pond area you will be asked to leave. This is for your safety and to protect the wildlife.

If you are training with a pro on land other than the Training Pond, be sure to stay with your group. Again, this is for your safety and makes it possible for the plantation manager to know where people are on the property at all times.

We want you to always have a good experience training on the Borderline/Springhill Property. We also want to show our appreciation by taking good care of the property and respecting it when we are there.

If you have questions call Sam Ferguson 850-508-8026.

Sam Ferguson
THRC President

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