Training Pond

THRC Club members,

Thank you for being patient with us getting the Training Pond open. I am sure you have been wondering why it has taken so long.  The 9 inches of rain washed the road out. Early this summer.  After we destroyed the beaver lodge in the cypress pond, they got mad and tried to show us who was...


Thomasville Scene Magazine features Sally

       For those who could not make it to the party back in March, we wanted to share with you Sally's feature in Thomasville Scene Magazine. We hope you and yours are doing well, and hope to train with you soon. Stay Safe. Click here to view the article or here to view the entire issue.




Jan. 1st through April 30th Amateur club members have access to the Training Pond on weekends. No other ponds or grounds are open. Pros may train on weekends only as guests of an amateur group. Any groups training at the Training Pond will always welcome newcomers. If you arrive to find a group training, introduce yourself. You will be invited to...